Sostegni decree, lost fund also includes retirees

Even self-employed in retirement will have access to the resources of the lost fund. The decree provides for completely identical procedures for those working in the activity.

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In spite of Grievances of VAT numbers On the smallness of the assigned numbers, The audience of beneficiaries appears to be very large From the non-reimbursable fund created by the Sostegni Decree. In fact, there will also be some retirement reinforcements. Or rather, by the self-employed in the pension system. Ironically, access requirements do not differ much from those of those who have been suspended for other reasons. The decrease in trading volume It remains a key indicator, As well as the parameters for the contribution calculation.

The calculation of the turnover rate, of course, indicates the period during which this was received. Specifically, in order to apply, it will be necessary in 2019 (and thus a relatively short period of pension) that the wage does not exceed 10 million euros. At the same time, What is the volume of business and fees for 2020? Don’t create an average monthly amount higher than in 2019. To be precise, it needs to be at least 30% lower. The decrease in the turnover will not be necessary if the beneficiaries activate the VAT number as of January 1, 2019.

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Lost Fund to Retirees, Apostille by Sostegni:

Calculation systems to be able to determine the amount of contribution that should be taken are very similar to that applied to workers in the activity. The percentage is applied to the difference Between business volume and fees in 2020 The average monthly for 2019. It all depends on the amount of revenue. For example, if € 100k is not exceeded, then the applicable rate will be 60%. 50% for revenue between 100,000 and 400,000 euros and so on. A minimum of 20% if revenues range from 5 million to 10 million euros.

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This is, of course, with regard to corporate independence. In the case of individuals, the minimum guaranteed amount is 1000 EUR, 2000 EUR for companies. Regarding the application procedure, the procedure is exactly the same for the self-employed in the business. Via the Revenue Agency portal It will be possible to download the form for assembly Of the request. Access requirements will be indicated there, which will be checked during the verification phase. At the end of the process, the contribution must be added directly to the current account.

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