Sostegni, 14 billion in non-reimbursable contributions to VAT and Pmi-

New non-reimbursable grants of more than 14 billion; Stop by Imu and Tosap; Another 5 months of tax exemption for commercial leases and an additional two months of emergency income; Extending the moratorium on loans and smart work until the end of the year until September 30; Postponement of the plastic tax to January 1, 2022; There are no taxes for first home purchase for young people under the age of 36; Zero two-year ticket on required medical examinations for those who stay in hospital for Coronavirus. These are some of the actions outlined in the draft Sostegni bis decree that the cabinet must approve this week to distribute 38 of the 40 billion of the largest deficits for 2021 that Parliament has already passed (the other two are using to fund 2021 to fund the share of the National Nutrition Program (NRP) Supplementary Fund). , Between non-reimbursable contributions and other forms of business support will range from 20 to 22 billion. Some of the project’s procedures, in the form of amendments, have already been finalized in the First Sustiny decree, which is examined by the Senate. The public suspension of taxes on the occupation of public lands (Tosap and Cosap) and the cancellation of the first payment of Imu for the residence establishments that incurred losses The postponement must also pass from April 30 to September 30 for the deadline for the IRAP payment not paid against the incorrect application of the exemption stipulated in The first Sostegni decree must be approved this week in the Senate, then finally converted into law in the House of Representatives by May 21. Sostegni bis will also include an extension of the suspension of collection activities and notification With tax bills until May 31. The Treasury released its borrowing requirement number for April: 12.5 billion, an improvement of 5.5 billion from April 2020, thanks to an increase in tax collection, which was suspended last year.

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Wider refreshments, kiosks and a dual solution

New non-reimbursable contributions to VAT numbers with revenue not exceeding 10 million in 2019 and sales losses of at least 30%. The general criteria for obtaining compensation are the same as those in Sostegni’s first decree. But dl Sostegni bis provides two forms of refreshment which the taxpayer chooses. The first is the comparison between the average monthly trading volume for 2019 and the average for 2020, as was already predicted in the first deciliter. In this case, the contribution will be equal to that already obtained or in the process of being repaid and will arrive automatically, without the need to submit a new application to the revenue agency. On the other hand, the second model states that refreshments are calculated by comparing the period from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 compared to the same period 2019-2020. In this way, even those activities with stronger seasonality that were excluded from the first decree will be able to access the contributions.

Discounts on Tari and Imu installment cancellations

In the draft of the Sostegni bis decree, the rule is in place, but will most likely be absorbed into the first Sostegni decree under discussion in the Senate. This is the anticipated cancellation of the first installment from IMU for 2021. It will benefit from the same VAT numbers that are due the grant as with revenues not exceeding 10 million and a decrease in sales of at least 30% in 2020. 2019 and in relation to the property in which it is practiced Topic is done. For catering activities and other public institutions, the tax exemption on occupying public lands will also be extended from June 30 to December 31, 2021 while the 600 million will be allocated to municipalities so that they can decide on reducing the date, waste tax for 2021 on the economic activities most affected. With restrictions.

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Rentals, loans and extensions until the end of 2021

Green light to extend the tax exemption for commercial leases until May 31 and to extend the moratorium on loans to small and medium enterprises until December 31. The ruling procedures, which will be approved by the Council of Ministers, include extending the tax exemption for hotel rents and accommodation facilities. A similar payment mechanism is guaranteed to companies and VAT numbers (less than 10 million in sales) affected by the health emergency and already beneficiaries of the grant. For all tax credit on fees paid it will be in effect until May 31st. Instead, the suspension period for loans to SMEs runs from June 30 to December 31. The extension applies to the full range of loans granted before March 2020 and only to the principal amount of loan installments due between July and December 2021.

Lower taxes for those under the age of 36 buying a home

Access measures to support young people in purchasing their first home. Indirect tax waivers for first home purchase are valid for buyers under the age of 36 at the time of contract signing. In particular, exemption from registration tax, mortgage taxes and real estate taxes is envisaged. If the sale is subject to VAT, then in addition to exemption from registration, mortgage and land registry taxes, a refund equal to the VAT paid is provided. The exemption will be in effect for sales made by the end of 2022. The cost of the exemption from registration tax is about 218 million, while the value of the exemption from mortgage and real estate taxes is 26 million. Finally, an exemption has been established for those under the age of 36 from alternative tax on mortgages, equivalent to 0.25% of the loan.

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