Sorrentino, Carini and Testa at the Tokyo Olympics, a defeat between men-

Women save us, three exceptional fighters save us: Giordana Sorrentino, Angela Carini and Irma Testa تي Or the three boxers who got Italy out of the boxing predicament Qualification for the Tokyo Games al European Championships in Paris, a feat that failed to do so no male.

Giordana, Angela and Irma JThey will fight in three different classes (51, 69 and 57 kilograms) While Males will never be present: this has not happened since 1920It is the first year that Italy participated in the Games in the ring. Since that day, the Azzurri have made history: we are fourth in the Olympic medal table with 48 medals (15 gold, 16 silver and 17 bronze), behind the UK, Cuba and the USA.

Veteran Irma Testa 24-year-old Bell, wrestling at featherweight and in Rio in 2016 He was the first Italian boxer to compete in the Olympics.

Sorrentino was born and raised in Fiumicino, Carabinier, aged 21 While Carini, 22, from Naples, a policewoman, was the youth world champion. And it doesn’t end here because Rebecca Nicoli could also get the pass on Monday through a playoff with Greek Beta.

On the other hand, the situation in the male field is catastrophicWhere the only hope is the return of Salvatore from Catania Cavallaro by the International Olympic Committee, a prospect who has been tasked with an opaque mechanism for recalculating the rankings Which may favor the color blue over Irish Nevin with equal points in the continental ranking. Entrance, however, is from the back door. Italy won the men’s last gold in Beijing 2008 with Roberto Camarelli and now – though the women – is at the peak employment crisis, training and technical schools that lasted for more than twenty years.

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Italian boxing began the road to victories in 1920 in Amsterdam (the three gold medals for Tamagnini, Orlandi and Tuscany), it peaked in Rome in 1960 with Sandro Lopollo and Nino Benvenotti and then continued more recently with Patrizio Oliva, Roberto Camrill and Clemente Russo.

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