Soon it will be possible to play their games through the cloud –

In the words of Ashley McKissick, Corporate Vice President of the Microsoft Games division, all subscribers Xbox Game Pass Soon they will be able to get a new and exclusive feature. Microsoft intends, in fact, to give playability in streaming through Xbox Cloud For all compatible games in private catalogregardless of whether they are part of Game Pass or not.

In other words, subscribe Xbox Game Pass Ultimate It will give you the ability to stream all your purchased games at any time, regardless of whether they are on Xbox Game Pass. The only prerequisite, in addition to the subscription, will be the compatibility of the latter with the Microsoft cloud service.

Xbox Game Cloud

For McKissick, this is “one of the greatest requests our users have made,” as Vincenzo Lettera wrote in The Future of Xbox special, between Cloud and Game Pass. “This is to be able to play all the games you own in the stream, even those that are not part of the Game Pass catalog. For this reason, during the year, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will be able to play all the games in the acquisition in the cloud, provided of course that they support the game in broadcasting.

A godsend for anyone with a good connection and space issues in the console’s hard drive, but also for those who want to play Xbox experiences anywhere, even on a phone or PC.

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