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Soon everything could change regarding Rai license fees. News on the horizon for one of the most contested taxes.

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Good news for Italians And for everyone who generally does not tolerate the requirement to pay the state TV license fee directly through the electricity bill. This has been discussed for a long time Possibility, since the Renzi government decided to merge the two. The reason lies in the certainty, in this way, of paying the same amount canon. Since then the criticism has been very stern.

What is not yet clear is what could happen according to the rumors coming from government. We can go back to the old method, that is, the one-poster method that includes only fees opinion. However, in this case, it will be necessary to tighten the controls and realize that with a greater focus on the entire dynamics, much can be avoided approx of evasion. In short, Italians have to keep paying the fee.

How to get exemption from licensing fees: all the information

Anyway, we can head towards a I returned Originally, under the conditions that existed before it was decided to merge the Rai license fee with the electricity bill. to move forward to Request Exemption, the possibility of providing it in the absence of a TV. In this case, you can fill out a certain form and send everything through officially recognized channels. The procedure can be performed via the web, through the CAF or an accountant.

In any case, the officially accepted channels are the following:

  • via Finance, an electronic service that can be accessed through the Oral Office of Internal Revenue in person or by proxy; or through an authorized intermediary
  • via beck Attach the digitally signed forms to the address [email protected]
  • By regular mail, the forms are sent by registered letter with the return receipt to the Revenue Agency – Turin Office 1 – Sportello Subscriptions TV – P.O. Box 22-10121 Turin
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It is clear that declaring falsehood in such cases can lead to criminal involvement with the justice system. In any case, as noted, it is possible to waive the payment of the opinion feeObviously, however, by saying fact, declaring the truth, always, in every situation.

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