Sony’s Answer on Xbox Game Pass is coming? David Jaffe suggests that

Speaking in his usual space on YouTube, God of War creator David Jaffe Discuss Microsoft’s strategy with Xbox Game Pass He revealed an important background to what would be, in his view, “Sony’s answer” for the subscription service of the Redmond House.

After you’ve recently spent on Microsoft by specifying, for example, Xbox Series S spanking the PS5, The play Father of Kratos (And series Twisted metal) Wanted to break a shaft in favor of the PlayStation section by explaining how Who enjoys writing an obituary Jim Ryan He will have to revise his positions soon. Any criticism of his action is premature. I mean he owes nothing to anyone, the truth is that something is coming, They want to respond to Xbox Game Pass.

According to Jaffe, these rumors come directly from Sony internal resources, Because he reveals himself mentioned so “I can only tell you that they are working for this. Some people I know very well who have told me that there will be a response from Sony on Game Pass”.

Then the creator of God of War himself tries to analyze the situation and express his personal opinion regarding the possible nature of this new service (or additional functions of the PS now e PS more?): If they think they can only respond to Game Pass with an extension Backward compatibility for PS3, PS2 and PS1 games, As the last patent that popped up on the internet suggested, I really think she’d be totally wrong, that’s not the way to go. But I don’t know if they want to compete directly with Game Pass and everything it has to offer. “.

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