Sony would have paid to ban Cult of the Lamb from being in Game Pass, to get a report –

According to a new rumor, Pregnancy cult is not present in the game arcade as long Sony herself has Pay to ensure that this does not happen.

Information shared by Gary of Kinda Funny, recently audio notation Which you can see below (minutes 32:23). The video reads: “Someone told me this part of the reasoning [Cult of the Lamb] It’s not in Game Pass that Sony paid them to not put it in Game Pass. ”

He adds, “To encourage you not to do any kind of sign up on the competing platform. Because they know that if it’s on Game Pass… [i giocatori non lo compreranno su PlayStation]”.

It hasn’t been determined who the source is, but certainly not just speculation from the Kinda Funny host. It has not been determined whether this purported agreement between Sony and the authors of Cult of the Lamb prevents the game from being included in Game Pass in perpetuity, for a few months or a year or longer.

For now, that’s all we know about her. We repeat that for the time being, it is only a rumor and There are no confirmations. It might also seem odd that Sony would approve of a game like Cult of the Lamb: while it’s a high-quality video game (as noted in our review), it doesn’t appear to be the type of title that should be banned from being added to Game Pass. It would make sense though that Sony was doing such deals with a lot of smaller games, to make sure that many indie and mid-budget products didn’t make it to Microsoft’s service.

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Nor is it new for Sony to use this kind of strategy: Microsoft itself has accused Sony of paying to prevent games from accessing Xbox Game Pass.

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