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As many know, the gaming world recently realized this The PS4 and PS5 have a potential problem. If a file exists Internal battery If downloaded, it would be impossible to play almost any game (except for some physical games on the PS5), unless you could switch it and reconnect to the PlayStation Network. Now, prof Report Reports indicate Sony is investigating the issue and is hopeful Solve as quickly as possible.

The information comes from Do You Play, the video game conservation team that was the first to report the problem. Does it Play states that according to various user reports, Sony is notifying the players that they are investigating the issue Tied to the internal battery for PS4 and PS5.

The PS5 and PS4 may be nearly unusable if the problem is not resolved
The PS5 and PS4 may be nearly unusable if the problem is not resolved

Moreover, Does it Play states that based on what has been reported by the internal sources the team has access to, Sony PR team wants to solve this problem as quickly as possibleIn order to reassure the audience and thus obtain positive publicity. Sony recently took a step back and showed that it has listened to public requests, annoyed by the closing of its PS3, PS Vita and PSP stores (the latter will remain closed, bear in mind).

So hopefully the PS4 and PS5 internal battery issue gets resolved: even if it’s not a common problem at the moment, in many years it could mean not being able to use the console.

Finally, we reported on Jim Ryan’s latest data: The PS5 will have more exclusive games than previous generations.

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