Sony publishes the most popular scams in the community

Sony decided to post a long series of pictures on its official social channels through which you can read some advice on this topic Demon souls Proposed by himself PlayStation Community.

The Italian division of the Japanese giant has actually decided to ask fans to re-release the FromSoftware title exclusively on PlayStation 5 for their best tips for tackling tough challenges around Boletaria and then publish a bunch of Ten photos In all of them you can find the most useful tricks among the proposed ones. Among these, we find those related to stamina management, those that provide tips on how to find unseen walls and others that provide helpful strategies on how to individually attract enemies and prevent them from rushing into groups on the player.

Before we leave you to the gallery published by Sony PlayStation Italia, we remind you that the news is accordingly Demon’s Souls was the most downloaded PS5 game of 2020 in Japan. On our pages you will also find an article with i 10 reasons to play Demon’s Souls remake on PS5.

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