Sony PS4 exclusive is about to be removed from service –

As reported by the service Playstation Plus Extra Via PS5 that file Sony exclusive PS4 game will be removed soon From the service: Let’s talk about Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept, or Killzone Shadow Fall’s standalone co-op mode. You can see the image below that proves it.

PS Plus Extra Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept
PS Plus Extra Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept

Objection to PS4 It was released about six months after the regular game was released. It can be used as a Killzone Shadow Fall DLC but can also be purchased as a standalone game. This is a high-quality DLC pack, apparently exclusive to PlayStation, and is now about to be removed from PS Plus Extra, although the exact day is unclear. On the other hand, the base game should still be available.

Officially we don’t know the reason for this removal – it’s strange that an old DLC has been removed from the service, especially so soon after it was made available. PS Plus Extra will see a file Remove third party games It starts as Red Dead Redemption 2 (September 20, 2022), NBA 2K22 and WRC 10 (both August 31, 2022), but the Intercept mode is different, as it’s a first-party game. Could this removal indicate that the game’s servers will be shutting down soon?

At the moment we can’t figure it out, so there’s nothing left to do but wait for more information from Sony. Tell us, will you be playing Killzone Shadow Fall Intercept via PS Plus Extra?

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