Sony is bringing the Denuvo to the next-generation console thanks to an agreement

The announcement of one comes as a surprise Collaboration between Sony and Denuvo Thanks to him, all developers will be able to implement this technology in their projects in PlayStation 5.

However, do not be fooled by appearances, because when we talk about Denuvo, we are not referring to the classic version of the increasingly popular protection system on the PC, but toAnti-fraud. In fact, Sony is not aiming to implement Denuvo on its next-generation console to avoid piracy, but to limit the use of cheating in titles more and more. Online multiplayer. Therefore, it is a different program from the program usually used on a PC and its introduction into the game is unlikely to cause performance problems.

Here are remarks Reinhard Blokowitz, Managing Director of Denuvo:

“Tricking people spoils the game for honest users. This can lead to decreased interest in a product and lower profits for publishers. We are really proud of our ability to help the world’s most talented developers make it safer. Their products are on PlayStation 5.”

At the moment, we still don’t know which PS5 game will be the first to support this technology, and since the agreement is only official today, it might take some time before we find out.

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