Sony hasn’t warned PS Vita developers to shut down –

Close a file PlayStation Store On PSP, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita Its effects were more than expected. First of all, that raised legitimate doubts about the longevity of our digital licenses and also appears to cause some problems around who was still operating on these platforms. The PlayStation Vita indie scene, for example, is much more vivid than one might expect. In fact, many bands are still working on some small indie productions which, apparently, have not been notified directly before. Sony Intending to close the digital store, forcing them into unexpected marathons in order to publish their games in a timely fashion. Only when they officially learned the news from other sources.

There are even those who love the studio Lilimo games, Just bought a new portable console development kit. All of this of course, he says, without Sony warning him of intending to close the PS Vita store soon thereafter. Now, with a release slated for the fourth quarter of 2021, Lillymo Games doesn’t think it will be able to publish the game in time, even if only for a few weeks.

But Lillymo games aren’t the only active truth. Liked by other game developers Thief Roulette, Lazer, Russian Subway Dogs, and Junk Hand Cannon They are trying to see if they can access the PS store, even if it’s for a few weeks, before closing.

Others, from a certain point of view are more fortunate, walked out in the last days. For example, ScourgeBringer will only have 100 days to try to get back into development costs. The PlayStation Store for the PSP and the PS Vita to the PS3 will be officially closed on August 27, after which it will be impossible to purchase the old games.

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