Sony has refused to produce the new game, according to a rumor

The uproar caused by his indiscretion on Mysterious partnership between Nintendo and MicrosoftLeaker Shpeshal_Ed is sharing a new rumor regarding, this time, The relationship between Hideo Kojima and Sony after Death Stranding.

According to the well-known insider, in fact, after the release of Death Stranding, the chief of Kojima Productions He was going to the upper echelons of the PlayStation division to show Sony executives the next video game in development.

At the meeting, according to the precipitate, the Abi Metal Gear He explained the concept behind his project with a detailed presentation to entice his interlocutors to conclude an exclusive new deal after the one that allowed the newborn software house to produce a high-budget title like Death Stranding. However, according to the Shpeshal_Ed report, Sony representatives decided so He refused Kojima’s offer, But not before exposing their suspicionsDeath Stranding sales trend.

The leak also explains that, at that point, Kojima decided to enter into negotiations with Google and Microsoft, Choose the latter: Shpeshal_Ed’s indiscretion appears to be in the same direction that Jeff Group has pointed out in recent days. In fact, a Venture Beat journalist recently intervened to discuss rumors regarding the The new Kojima game as an Xbox exclusive game. As usual, we invite you to take this kind of mindless with a grain of salt which, as such, could turn out to be absolutely groundless.

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