Sony has “lost control” in its opposition to the acquisition of Activision, according to a Microsoft lawyer

Understandably, Sony is fighting back aggressivelyActivision Blizzard acquisitionbut according to a Microsoft lawyer, it’s not doing it in the best way and it has now.”He lost controlAbout the narrative trying to get ahead. Information comes from him Florian Muellera lawyer who currently (also) works for Microsoft and an expert analyst.

Florian Mueller shared his statement on Twitter. As mentioned Sony missed many opportunities To offer “constructive solutions” fierce opposition made her “lose control of the narrative.”

Mueller told Game Rant that he is aware of “no other case in which the plaintiff’s procrastination position has been expressed so clearly” as in this case. “The organizers don’t like thathe argues.

when asked about What Sony could have done differently To weigh in on the long-term outcome of the Activision Blizzard acquisition, Mueller points to the recent revelation that a Sony executive ignored any chance of a deal on the day of his February 21 EU hearing. “Everyone was in Brussels and it would have been a good moment to sit down and agree,” he says. For context, “everyone” also includes Nvidia, which on the same day announced a 10-year deal with Microsoft to bring Xbox PC games to its GeForce Now streaming platform.

Mueller acknowledges that creating enough hype to prompt competitive investigations is no easy feat, but he calls it “saloon” compared to getting regulators to block takeovers like those that are “usually penalized” when combined with “effective treatments.” “Therapies” are Non-exclusive agreements That Microsoft is tightening up with many companies, like the aforementioned Nvidia, Nintendo, and smaller streaming platforms like Ubitus.

Also, Microsoft says 10 years is enough to create a Call of Duty competitor for the PlayStation.

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