Sony has been offered a 10-year deal, Microsoft boss confirms –

Brad Smith, President MicrosoftHe said that the company offered Sony a an agreement dove is committed to bringing the franchise’s games to PlayStation Call of Duty for 10 yearsThis confirms the report published by the New York Times a few weeks ago.

The confirmation comes from an op-ed written by Smith himself in the Wall Street Journal Opinion, in which he explained why any opposition by the US Federal Trade Commission to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard would be a “fatal mistake” that would limit competition.

The Microsoft chief says that a “vital portion” of the Call of Duty series’ revenue is derived specifically from sales on PlayStation and that making the game an Xbox exclusive would not hurt not only Sony, but also Microsoft and the franchise itself.

Smith confirms that the proposed 10-year deal with Sony covers “every new Call of Duty game” and that every one “will be available on PlayStation the same day It is not clear whether or not the Japanese company has agreed to these terms, but Smith added that Microsoft would have no problem proposing a similar agreement for other platforms as well and making it legally binding.

“A vital portion of Activision Blizzard’s ‘Call of Duty’ revenue comes from the sale of PlayStation games. Given the popularity of cross-play, it would be disastrous for the ‘Call of Duty’ franchise and Xbox itself, as it would alienate millions of players,” Brad Smith said.

This is why we offered Sony a 10-year contract to make every new Call of Duty version available on PlayStation the same day it hits Xbox. We’re open to reaffirming the same commitment to other platforms and making it legally enforceable. from US, UK and EU regulators.Microsoft made a similar commitment to the European Commission when it acquired LinkedIn in 2016, giving competing services access to key technologies.”

Brad Smith

Smith’s article indirectly confirms Microsoft’s concerns about potential opposition by the US Federal Trade Commission, as well as UK and EU antitrust, to the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. According to a report by Bloomberg, the Redmond giant will already be ready to fight in the courtrooms to ensure that the $68 billion gambit is carried out.

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