Sony denies increasing PS4 production due to PS5 difficulties –

more PS4 production 2022 is not related to supply difficulties PS5. Talk to NLab, Sony He actually denied the Bloomberg report, claiming that “there was no plan to end PS4 production at the end of last year”. Moreover, the amount of new PS4 consoles that will be produced during 2022 has already been planned since the launch of the PS5.

In short, the information about Sony playing the cover due to PS5 production problems, due to the semiconductor crisis, would be inaccurate, if not completely wrong. The extra million PS4 is pre-scheduled.

Unfortunately, such issues arise from two fundamental and inescapable problems. The first is the aforementioned semiconductor crisis, which does not allow the supply of more electronic devices required to meet demand. The second is the prolongation of generational transitions, which now sees machines of different generations overlap for years, creating a certain confusion in potential customers, as well as a fair amount of anger in those who see the new generation consoles under exploitation.

After all, Sony has officially announced that it will continue to support PS4 for at least three years, so it’s also only natural that it will continue to produce new units, considering the console’s global success.

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