Sony Bans DualSense for McDonald’s Because It’s Unauthorized (And Also Ugly) –

Australian section McDonald’s She organized a competition to celebrate 50 years of the island. One of the most coveted prizes was 50 consoles DualSense for PS5 The entire series is labeled with its colors, but also the most famous products: in short, it was terrible. It seems, however, that Sony It decided to block the competition due to not obtaining a license from the Australian fast food chain.

To celebrate 50 years of activity, McDonald’s Australia Organized a live week with some local dealers who were supposed to give a week of games and activities live. For all the fans too, there was an added bonus: 50 limited edition DualSense controllers.

We could be wrong, but the customization is really bad:

A little bit of colour, a little sandwich on the right and potato chips on the left. Here, so bad that the very limited number would have turned them into a being from plural Very sought after. So, however, it will not be so. McDonald’s forgot to ask Sony for permission to make such a mess.

“Sony PlayStation has not authorized the use of its console in our promotional materials related to the Stream Week event, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. McDonald’s Stream Week has been postponed and Sony PlayStation consoles will not be included in the giveaway.”

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