Sony arrives on the road

The tests begin – Last year, Sony showed the public a Sony Vision-S, A concept car that wanted to show the world the technological capabilities of the Japanese giant. Sony is now confirming that it has started the road test phase of the electric sedan, with the support of the main partner, Austria-Canada Magna, which specializes in the realization of turnkey projects and production for third parties.

Development – The Sony Vision-S It appears in the video (Below) On a private circuit and on public roads in Austria, where he reveals some details about how he designed and developed the car. The footage indicates Sony and its partners have developed the car much more than one might assume. The first of these includes sensors that have grown to 40 for greater control over the vehicle’s functions. Moreover, the infotainment system has a unique interface and very different graphics.

Advanced electronics – The Sony It also says other features of Vision-S Such as a voice assistant, passenger entertainment systems and a passenger monitor camera are under development. A very complex camera that can be used, for example, to monitor the condition of the passenger by detecting if he is asleep for example: in this case the car automatically adapts the air conditioning to make the environment more comfortable. All of the onboard electronics (and more) are constantly evolving in real time. The video also features some of Sony’s partners contributing to the development of the Vision-S, including AIMotive, Bosch, Continental, Elektrobit Automotive, Valeo, Vodafone and ZF Group.

What is the future? – Now the question arises. Why is Sony investing so much money and resources on a project it didn’t even want to produce at first? We clearly don’t know what the answer is. However, given that many companies have outside cars going Actively interested For electric mobility, it might indicate that Sony may not have suddenly changed course. He is simply preparing to seize any opportunity on the fly.

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