Sony and Konami will discuss a new game –

In recent weeks there has been more insistence on Konami and its more popular series. One such rumor claims that Sony and Konami BeArguesTo find a deal and create a new game in the series Castlevania. To be worn, of course, on the PS5.

Although Konami appears to have no interest in creating new video games, Series Which he has in his catalog tempts many. Moreover, it seems recently that the Japanese company is well prepared to take advantage of these licenses and is ready to talk about Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania.

a second Catarces This latest series will be at the center of “discussions” between Konami itself and Sony, and is very interested in bringing this historic series back to life. Although the most recent original game is 2014 (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2), the Belmont saga has always been very popular with players. This is also evidenced by the success of the Netflix series, which has now entered its fourth season.

Castlevania series stars in a successful anime.

To confirm these rumors, there will be the fact that Konami has registered Metal Gear Rising and Castlevania. Is an exciting advertisement approaching?

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