Sony: $2.13 billion investment in research and development for live services

Japan’s Nikkei newspaper revealed this Sony I decided to invest $2.13 billion in research and development in the video game sector, with a particular focus on titles live servicenow the company’s new direction.

Sony GaaS

Sony is now entirely through live services
Sony is now entirely through live services

According to the Nikkei article, the investment will take place before the end offiscal year 2024 (current to close March 31, 2024) and will equate to 40% of the entire company’s research and development costs.

In conjunction with the unveiling of the mega investmentSony Group has expressed a desire to target a model that focuses more on live service titles. As specified by the source, Sony still lacks success in this area and is trying in every way to build it up.

In short, PlayStation has now expressly changed its focus, moving from being primarily an associated brand to being a big brand Single player moviesfor someone trying to make it big in direct service, sacrificing everything else.

In light of new revelations, the strategy followed in recent years is emerging more strongly, between the targeted acquisitions of studios like Bungie, projects like The Last of Us Online and the announcement of 12 live services in the works, some of which were seen during the most recent State of Play.

According to Nikkei, by the end of fiscal 2026, Sony intends to allocate 60% of development resources for the PS5 to live services, which is the date by which many of the genre’s titles currently in development should be released.

The article also talks about Sony’s desire to break into the metaverse business, but without giving too many details.

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