Some PS1 games now run at 60Hz thanks to the patch, but the result leaves something to be desired –

Sony PlayStation released some revision for some PS1 Classics Included in PlayStation Plus Premium / Deluxe subscription for PS5 and PS4 with the aim of artificially increasing the frequency of some games in PAL format 50 to 60 Hz. However, it seems that the result is not the most satisfactory, since the upgrade especially causes annoying visual chores.

As indicated by a tweet from Windy Corner TV, the patch published by Sony upgrades the refresh rate of some PS1 games in PAL format, bringing the refresh rate up to 60Hz with the technology “merge frames”.

If, on the one hand, this solution improves the fluidity of the frame rate, on the other hand, it brings with it some significant drawbacks. As we can see in the screenshots below, this technique actually causes a Shadows Effect Especially striking and disturbing.

Just today, Digital Foundry released a new video analysis, in which tech-savvy editors say they’re not entirely satisfied with classic PS1, PSP, and PS2 emulation on PS5 and PS4. Perhaps this patch would not be the best solution, but it is not excluded that Sony will not release other updates in the future with the aim of improving the emulation of classic PlayStation consoles.

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