Some PS1 and PSP classics appear in the PSN catalog –

Some classic games coming from PS1 and PSP to appear in the PSN backend, indicating the possibility of including games in a catalog PlayStation Plus Premiumas found by some ResetEra forum users.

In particular, it is about Tekken 2, Ridge Racers 2, and Mr Driller.

Tekken 2, a group photo of the characters
Tekken 2, a group photo of the characters

The three games received a new entry in the PSN catalog, with an internal identification code and also artwork to indicate a new gift in the catalog following the update applied to Sony’s online platform.

These are quite historical titles, which need a little introduction: Tekken 2 is the second installment in the Bandai Namco fighting game series, originally released in 1995 on PS1, Ridge Racers 2 (known in Europe as Ridge Racer 2) is a racing game Released in 2006 on PSP and Mr. Driller is a puzzle from Namco released in 1999 also on PS1.

This may be the beginning of the classic games that can be included in the downloadable catalog from it Participants To PlayStation Plus Premium, which as we’ve seen should also have a large selection of classic games as an added bonus.

We await developments on this, in the meantime we’ve seen the launch date of the new PlayStation Plus Premium and also the fact that Sony, at the moment, appears to be blocking the possibility of accumulating months of PlayStation Now via prepaid cards to avoid switching to a lower-cost Plus Premium subscription.

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