Some photos from Luciano’s past, the seduction island seducer, pop up: Do you recognize him?

Some photos of Luciano Ponzo’s past show the West of Temptation Island: Do you recognize him?

Luciano temptation island
Temptation Island, Photos of Luciano Ponzo’s Past Show: Do You Know Him? (Source: Instagram)

Luciano Punzo was one of the temptations in the latest release of Temptation Island. The guy had already participated in a reality show, Beijing Express, along with Gennaro Lelio, a former Big Brother competitor.

During the experiment in the “village of temptations”, the model got very close to Manuela, Stefano’s girlfriend. At the end of the program, the woman decided to leave her boyfriend and left the village with tempting.

So far, the love story between Manuela and Luciano is going at full speed. It seems that the two are soon going to live together.

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Temptation Island, Pictures from the Past by Luciano Ponzo

The seducer was one of the absolute heroes of the latest release of Temptation Island, a reality show that aired in prime time on Canale 5. The Neapolitan manages to make beautiful Manuela, betrothed to Stefano, to surrender. The girl, who also follows the behavior of her boyfriend with a single woman, decided to leave the program without him. However, Manuela did not come out alone, but with a temptation that made her lose her head.

In addition to her personality, Manuela will also fall in love with the aesthetic side of Luciano. Objectively, Morocco is the island of temptation a handsome man. Dark-haired, sculpted physique, Mediterranean beauty: In short, Manuela had good reasons to lose her head.

Luciano Bongo
A photo from a few years ago… (Instagram)

Now, however, some photos from the tempting past are emerging. check his account InstagramIn fact, we found a lot Photo Several years ago. We note that Punzo, compared to the present time, Punzo preferred a short beard and bundled hair. For the rest, the features and physique remain the same. We’re sure Manuela would have preferred it even back then.

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