Some of us still have this very bad habit to completely lose so as not to risk nasty surprises and harm our health.

Some habits are hard to break. We may have adopted it from childhood, or it is a matter of comfort. While some habits are harmless, others can be dangerous. Some of us still have this very bad habit to completely lose in order not to risk bad surprises and harm our health.

Usually uncomfortable

This bad habit can affect many aspects of our life. In fact, it risks making us look bad, ruining our home and even our health. But what are we talking about? Wearing shoes around the house. Many in fact, out of laziness or comfort, do not wear slippers when entering the house. They often prefer to wear their shoes. However, this is not recommended for several reasons. First of all, if we do this in someone else’s home, we run the risk of making a bad impression. Some people are very careful about the cleanliness of their homes.


So the advice is to ask, upon entering other people’s homes, if they would prefer us to take off our shoes. However, taking off our shoes can also help us reduce household cleaning. This way, in reality, we will not bring dust, mud and dirt into the house. So we will have to reduce the cleaning of the floors and we will not risk damaging the carpets. However, taking off shoes can also have positive health effects.

Effects on health

Some of us still have this very bad habit to completely lose in order not to risk bad surprises and damage to our health, let’s find out which one. First of all, we need to talk about foot health. It is good to have bare feet especially when the weather is very hot. In fact, shoes can either stretch the feet a lot or not be breathable. Sweat and dampness They can cause irritation or promote fungal growth.

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However, shoes carry other risks. A study was published in Environmental Science and Technology By DellaValle and colleagues in 2013 confirming this.
According to the study, pesticides and toxins can easily transfer from shoes to our carpets. According to a study by Rashid and colleagues published in 2013, it is possible to find shoe soles Staphylococcus aureusAnd the Clostridium difficile e Escherichia coli. These bacteria can cause illness and disease for us and our family. Therefore, it is advised not to touch the sole of the shoes on the roofs of our home.

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