Some major changes altered the entire series

Four years after the hit sitcom ended, Jim Parsons talks about some of the changes he made to the first episode that changed everything.

Every entertainment product can be subject to changes – before, after and during production – and in accordance with Jim Parsonseven for the very popular ones The Big Bang Theory It was so. The actor even started out with two Fundamental changes. Even before CBS officially ordered the sitcom about a group of brilliant but socially awkward nerds, the network asked its co-creators to change some aspects it would otherwise not have. TV series He was going somewhere else. A gem recognized by translator Sheldon Cooper.

The Big Bang Theory changed two elements of the pilot: Jim Parsons’ confession

It is one of the most important changes to make The Big Bang Theory consideration preparation. As told by Jim Parsons in an interview with Dinner on me with Jesse Tyler Fergusonat first she chose sitcoms Oriental Coast from the United States, and therefore quite far from Los Angeles, as its location. Parsons specified that this seemingly minor change, without which in the first episode—visually at least—there wasn’t much difference, led to many others, completely changing the series.

They changed the location from east coast to west coast and completely overhauled the color palette. The original pilot looked a lot like our show.

The change of locations gave a new impetus to Penny’s story (Kylie Cuoco), who moved from Nebraska to California in hopes of following her passion and becoming a famous actress one day. hiring The Big Bang Theory In Los Angeles was also a valuable factor in the development of other aspects of the story, although most scenes were shot within sets, preferring for example the large cameos that the Californian landscape would allow. In addition, the headquarters is located in Los Angeles California Institute of Technology (Caltech), where the heroes work. Today it would be impossible to imagine The Big Bang Theory On the east coast of the United States. Jim Parsons didn’t say exactly where, but it certainly would have housed a prestigious academic institution (such as MIT or Harvard). But what will happen to Benny? Changing the setting helped too The Big Bang Theory To deviate from other popular sitcoms set on the East Coast, especially in New York (eg how i met your mother).

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