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Over time, even car tires can get dirty or damaged, especially if we are among those who use the car a lot every day.

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Fortunately, as we will see, it will not be superfluous to spend money on expensive products, on the contrary, For only 50 cents we will be able to solve our problem.

We will be able to clean the rims without having to use particularly expensive products

However, we define it at the same time Only soap and water will not be enoughIn fact, these products risk damaging the rims, so the latter may put our safety at risk.

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However, at the same time, even leaving the wheels dirty wouldn’t be a good idea since then With dirt there is a risk of corrosion phenomenonthen force us to replace whole parts.

Rim cleaning – Motori.News

Among other things, even from an aesthetic point of view the presence of dirty edges will be a real punch in the eye. Thus, dirt will accumulate very quickly due to the location of the latter because it is in close contact with the wheels and thus become collectors of dust and tar.

Precisely for this reason, taking care of tire maintenance, especially if it is alloy, will be a real commitment. So let’s see what are the steps to follow if we want to clean our car ourselves without having to resort to a car wash.

Even a slight braking can get our rims dirty

First of all, we’ll have to Put the machine in a place protected from sunlight, accurately with the engine turned off. At this point we can put on the gloves and get to work. Therefore, the best way to clean rims involves the use of Bleaching powder and disinfectant.

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Therefore, this will be the most effective way to remove the dirt that lies near our wheels without any difficulty. On the other hand, staining the rims wouldn’t be complicated even if even a slight braking could do “damage.”

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Specifically while depressing the brake pedal The pads release dust which can settle upon contact with the discs in the rims. We can then rinse everything off once we are done with the pump.

For drying, however, we can use a file microfiber cloth. For more accuracy, we also recommend posting one protective wax layer Useful for polishing alloy wheels.

By doing this, our tires should remain clean for a longer period of time which significantly delays the need for a new wash.

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