Solitaire, Tresette, Scopa and Briscola: Card games are good for the brain according to scientists

magazine – Play lonely online Good. To say it is a search from Canada. Scientists at different latitudes have been studying how card games affect the brain for years. After all, they are much more than just a game. They are entertainment, training and memory.

Canadian search

According to the study conducted by the research team of St Michael’s Hospital in Toronto And published in the scientific journal The Lancet Neurology, playing cards will help restore motor functions after a stroke. In fact, repeating the gesture causes players to regain their movement more easily.

Our brain, despite our age, is always working with the stimuli we used to talk about when we were young: playing, having fun, helping us to do activities we don’t like doing.

In this case, the enjoyment of playing a game of solitaire, trump or triple, entertains the person while slowly recovering their skills.

Search in the United States

But it’s not just Canada that is considering the use of card games for rehabilitation. as well as for AngelsIn the United States, such research is conducted. In particular, research conducted on older people in retirement homes showed that Bracco and the bridge They have a social function. In fact, people should meet at a specific time, in front of a table and interact with each other.

but also Lonely It was the subject of research for American researchers. In this case, the game affects long-term memory and concentration. In fact, it keeps memory skills trained, delays dementia, and engages the mind in one goal.

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Not to mention the occurrence dopamine in all of this. The adrenaline in the game, the risk of losing and the challenge of winning, make the brain produce dopamine and transmit feelings of well-being to the whole body. In essence, it doesn’t matter losing or winning, the body keeps a beneficial path to the game.

Solitaire for study

Solitaire card game in particular is very useful for brain training. But not only for the elderly, also for those who study or work. Indeed, in a world full of distractions and constant stress, having to play for hours and focus on one goal improves one’s performance at work and study.


Play Solitaire Our cognitive functions are preserved in continuous training. 15 minutes of rest with this simple pastime, allows you to significantly improve your study and work performance.

The person in front of the cards uses all his concentration and arithmetic skills for the sole purpose of achieving the result. Moreover, anxiety and stress are eliminated thanks to the use of those energies for the purpose of games.

Play stimulates cognition, entertains and beneficially distracts from the present moment. This way the person will be completely relaxed when they return to work or study and will be able to focus more. Win or lose, his attention threshold will be significantly improved.

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