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Solar-powered Model 3 flies around Australia

The emergence of electric mobility teaches us to think about cars, and in general about transportation, in a different way than in the last century, and today there are those who dream of giving life to a car capable of moving and simply recharging using thesolar energy: We have not yet reached this point, the technology has not yet reached this level, but there are those who are thinking of interesting solutions to demonstrate the practical capabilities of electric cars, such asUniversity of Newcastle in Australiawho decided to breathe life into the project.”Responsible all over Australia“.

on board Tesla Model 3The Charge Around Australia team will be traveling the entire ocean of the vast island – OK 15,095 km – Travel only with electricity recharged via Solar Panels. The panels, which are clearly not directly attached to the vehicle as we have seen in other cases, are very special and of quality flexible they can Folded and stored in the trunkThen we expose it and put it in the sun when needed to recharge the car.

This is definitely a great and relatively inexpensive solution, in fact the board barely costs 10 dollars per square meter And in this case it is nearly 20 meters.

Charge Around Australia Tesla Model 3 will tour the country and visit schools for Awareness of young people about the issue of the environment environmental problems, and according to the project’s authors’ calculations – starting next September, at the start of Australia’s hot season – it should take about 84 days.

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Today, solar panel technology isn’t developed enough to ensure useful charging times for electric cars, but the idea of ​​Charge Around Australia is still pretty cool and intriguing – the idea of ​​being powerfully independent of everything and everyone, done except for the sun, opens the doors to great travels To places far from civilization.

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