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Softball World Cup 2023: The USA beat Australia in the big Group A match

Day 3 of Group A of the 2023-2024 Softball World Cup has ended in Ballybriggan, Ireland. Today there were four matches on the island: three clear results and one big game. Let’s find out in detail what happened.

In terms of the two big scores, Botswana’s choice is always the same: 10-0 from Australia and 10-0 from Chinese Taipei at the start of the day. In either case, the statement intervenes in the fourth round. The South African country has yet to score a point in the tournament.

In the middle of the day the big match between Australia and the United States, who ended up holding the Americans to a full score thanks to a nearly flawless halftime performance by Megan Varimo, with 10 strikeouts. One would still have to go to extra innings after the first seven saw the bat fail to do anything of significance; Flippen’s single reached full bases and sent Timmons home in the final 1-0 in the USA.

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In the evening, the confrontation was all within the British Isles between Great Britain and Ireland. Deciding it all is the third inning, with a triple, double, single, two Irish defensive errors and a stolen base meaning 7-0 Brits. The same result that you activate is manifested in the fifth.

In the standings, Great Britain and the United States lead with just two wins, then there’s Australia and Chinese Taipei with .500, Ireland with .250 and Botswana with .000.

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