Social Reward on Extended Billing: How to Get It

The government is stepping in with additional decree to cool the cost of energy and ease the stifling grip on businesses and families. One of the main measures for the €4.4 billion allocation, after 16 billion has already been allocated, isExtension of the so-called social bonus to more than a million other familiesTo support the amazing prices of electricity and gas.

Energy decree, social reward on the bills of several families: savings

In the just-launched energy decree, the Isee boundary networks were opened, giving access to the contribution to an audience of 5.2 million households, who will pay their bills at the same rates recorded last summer.

Thus, the maximum income ceiling for social bonus has been raised from 8265 to 12,000 euros for the period from 1 April to 31 December 2022.

Contrary to previous measures, most of today’s interventions are not financed from the public budget. But through companies in the energy sectorSaeed Draghi presents the referee at a press conference.

“We tax a portion of the excess profits that manufacturers make from rising raw material costs, and Let’s redistribute this money to businesses and families in difficultyExplain the prime minister again.

As stated at the conference by the Prime Minister himself, this is a social condition for reducing the impact of the rush in electricity and gas prices on economically distressed families, which was also exacerbated by the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine (here we summarized New Energy Decree Measures).

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Energy decree, social reward on the bills of several families: how to get it

in the definition of “social rewardThe category of assistance, which translates to a discount on the invoice, is included:

  • Electric Bonus
  • gas bonus
  • water reward.

The Energy, Network and Environment Regulatory Authority (ARERA) includes these in the so-called groupSocial rewards for economic hardshipStarting January 1, 2021 Recognize it automatically For citizens/families who are entitled to, without having to submit an application (we talked here about Social rewards to pay for gas and electricity).

It is sufficient that every year, starting in 2021, a citizen/family unit submits a Declaration of Individual Surrogate (DSU) to obtain a beneficial ISEE certification (here We explain how it is calculated).

In addition to complying with the requirements of Isee, to access the “social reward” families must comply with the following conditions: a family member must be Account owner Electricity, gas and/or water supply contract with tariff for domestic and active use or active condominium gas and/or water supply.

Each citizen can view the progress of their practice by contacting Reserved section “Check your profile online” The checks will be done through SGAte, an IT system through which processes are managed to verify that an applicant for the award meets the requirements set forth in the legislation for the benefit.

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