Social media prevents children from sleeping

A study conducted by researchers from De Montfort University Leicester revealed this Decade lose about one sleeps a week Staying awake to use social media. The research, led by Professor of Psychology Dr. John Shaw, suggested that 12.5% ​​of children Wakes voluntarily to check notifications on the mobile phone. For this analysis, the behavior of 60 adolescents from different schools and cities in the United Kingdom was analyzed. The group slept an average of 8.7 hours each night, which is less than the 9-12 hours recommended for that age group by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most of them admitted that they used social media to “More than four hours a day”Two-thirds of them claimed that they used it right before bed.

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“The fear of exclusion, Amplified by social media, it directly affects the sleep of little ones, who want to know what their friends are doing – Dr. John Shaw explained during a speech at the British Science Festival – If you are not online while something is going on, it means that you are not participating in that thing. You fall into a loop: Those with anxiety go more on social media, which makes them more anxious, with a negative impact on sleep.” TikTok has the most engagement from the kids surveyed, With 90% indicating that they used the app at night. Snapchat is in second place with 84%, while just over half used Instagram.

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