So they steal thousands of euros

The proliferation of Postepay cards is a relief for the users but it has turned into another possibility of scamming the bad guys. Here’s the new danger and how to identify it

Learn about the new Postepay scam (Photo Pixabay)

Let’s go back, unfortunately, to talk about tricks The subject matter of which is prepaid cards issued by Italian Post. If you own Postepay, you should absolutely learn how to do it Be careful of this type of message.

In fact, scammers try to find them all the time new ways to steal users Information The necessary personal and bank accounts to be able to operate without hindrance on their prepaid accounts or cards e empty them of the money present. But avoiding becoming a victim of a scam is very simple and that’s it to remember Some background information. So let’s see how to defend ourselves.

Post payment alarm, fraud can be identified in this way

Postpaid scam
Learn about the new Postepay scam (Photo Unsplash)

in our country mailboxes Arrived Messages At every moment of the day. It is often simple advertisement in our inbox because we may have subscribed to a site or portal. But it can also happen Communications spontaneously bank. And this kind of communication even scammers rely on.

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If a formal letter from a file is highlighted scam message It was very easy since the scammers were often foreigners and unable to write in correct Italian, now they are getting better and better thus Phishing emails They seem more and more similar To the banking institutions of banking institutions or the Italian Post Office. Even the latest scam is circulating specifically for the potential damage to Client from Italian Post Who own Postepay Looks like it’s an official connection Coming from customer service.

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Considering that Poste Italiane, even if it uses e-mail as a means of communication, never invites you to click any link in contact, recognizing a scam e-mail is more Easy. If you have any doubts you can simply sign in In your profile by opening the application or by downloading the official website. Never perform There is no operation Starting with the links you find in emails. This way you will always be safe.

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