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Stanzani Spa is one of five companies awarded at the Civic Economy Festival. Among the well-being services for employees there is also an academy and a multi-functional bonus

In one hand is a bag, in the other is a bag of dirty clothes. The Employees will be able to enter the company in this way: a computer and sheets on one side, clothes to wash on the other. They will greet the doorman at the entrance, two steps down the corridor. Then, before they go to their office, they can turn around to the laundry space. There is a special area where Leave the bags of dirty clothesJust leave your name, surname and phone number written on it. A few days later, in the same location, employees will be able to find their clothes washed, ironed, folded, and ready to take home. If you want you can also wash the car. The process is more or less the same: leave your car keys as soon as you enter the office and the same evening your car will shine like new after the wash. A time-saving way to invest in family, loved ones and free time.


This is one of the newly launched luxury services that made it fun Stanzani Spa Company Policyone of the five facts that have been given the role of ambassador of the civil economy recently Florence Festival Organized by Sec and Next Nuova Economy, based on an idea from Federcasse and a contribution from Confcooperative. It was 1964 when Umberto Stanzani was, who was then a simple plumber, decided to start a small company for the maintenance of technological systems and industrial cooling systems. Year after year the company expanded and moved to the son Maurizio (Current CEO) who runs the company with Luca’s brother and daughters Francesca and Martinawith more than one hundred employees.

Doing business is not enough for them. do business a way to Take care of the world around usMartina Stanzani, Director of Marketing and Communications confirms. The flagship of the company is the Stanzani Academy, a boarding school dedicated to training and updating employees from a technical and from a technical point of view. Safety in terms of professional and personal growth, which benefit from cooperation with teachers and university faculties. There is also an economic bonus (about 400 euros per year) offered by the company to employees that can be spent on various activities: from paying off a loan to paying school fees for children, and even the gym.

people in the center

We strongly believe – adds Martina Stanzani – that the success of a Steps to working through people: It is therefore essential for us that those who work with us feel heard and engaged in the context of the company. A philosophy inherited from the teachings of his grandfather, who would move from room to room, from workshop to workshop to greet and talk to his employees. Even today it happens like this, in complete transparency. right there Transparency is a trademark At this company where fixtures are made of glass so everyone can see each other. Even the transparent CEO room. With all the strengths and weaknesses that can stem from it.

It happened, for example, that an employee went to her boss to report her pregnancy. He smiled and congratulated warmly. And when she left the room all the other staff members came to her smiling, as if they understood. In fact, they already understood, precisely because the room was transparent. And then, last but not least, I Research and innovation projects With a clear goal: to develop technological systems and industrial cooling systems that have a low environmental impact, are environmentally compatible and are environmentally sustainable. We design systems that run on ammonia and carbon dioxide, natural refrigerants – concludes CEO Maurizio Stanzani – that can reduce emissions and consumption by up to 50 percent.

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