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No matter how aesthetically beautiful, functional for our needs or simply fashionable, any smartphone should have at least one indisputable quality: a battery of even the occasion.

All mobile phone manufacturers are improving the performance of one of them the battery Which should still last at least a day, but the excessive use of smartphones does not allow the battery itself to withstand the shock wave for 24 hours, during operation (non-standby) more than half in many cases.

Smartphone battery –

In this context of life, it is best to first try to use the mobile as moderately as possible, and then rely on remedies to preserve the broken battery of any smartphone, Android or Apple.

This cool feature, consumes a lot of battery

One of the most widely used methods globally by millions of users who are experiencing this serious problem is to disable apps that consume battery when they are not being used. In fact, many apps continue to run in the background even when they are not in use.

Here is the method of those applications that are rarely used by the user. For Android smartphones, you have to follow this simple path: tap settings, and then Applications , So applied managementwhere you can select the app that you rarely use and tap on it disable To close the background application. For those who have allowed themselves devices apple The most famous bite in the world, on the other hand, it is enough to click twice on the button residence, Then drag your finger up from the window to get a file Application. For those who have a Windows Phone made mobile phone, they just have to do three very easy steps: long press the back button, then click X from the application window, and finally deactivate those running applications.

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Smartphone Battery - 20220921
Smartphone battery –

Another remedy that helps save battery is powering on Energy saving mode, a function dedicated to all smartphones for those who are accused of losing battery performance too quickly. On Android, this is the path to follow: Settings > Battery > Power Options > Battery > Power Saver > If active, deactivated. This is the path instead on IOS devices: Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode, the latter being manually activated.

Instructions for optimizing battery using Power Saving Mode for Windows Phone smartphones: Settings> System> Power saving mode, here set the item Keep power saving mode active until next recharge.

Another trick? If possible, when we are in a special emergency, Turn off GPSThis function of determining your location via satellite is very consuming.

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