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“So I have built a group with more than 2 million sales and around 150 customers” –

A successful venture always comes from the right intuition, to which we add determination and passion: these are the foundations of the history of entrepreneurship in Andrea Tommaso Detti (30 years old), tech entrepreneur and business penetration designer More than 10 years of experience in the world of digital marketing and software.

Always passionate about technology and digital and their impact on people’s lives, Andrea Tommaso begins his journey with the humanities, fascinated and driven by curiosity to deepen human thought, then he continues studies of economics and marketing.

The turning point in 2012: Andrea decides to leave the university and embark on a trip to Australia to find his friend Antonio MartellyNow, too, a partner LHub Agency, A digital marketing and performance company founded in 2017 by Tommaso, who today is CEO. direction Kununurra, A city of about 3,000 people – a quarter of whom are indigenous – in the Kimberley region in northeastern Australia. In this secluded city, Andrea does the most humble and diverse job: from picking bananas on the farm, to the pizza chef, to the supermarket employee, but at night he continues to devote himself to his passion: Trade via the Internet.

«A demanding and tiring experienceDaytime temperatures can reach 50 degrees and there are a few immigrants who decide to stay for long periods in this part of Australia, completely isolated, which is why the government does not resist granting visas to those who decide to settle there. Moreover, being a place rich in diamond mines (a third of the global production comes from this region), the economy is quite booming and it is not very difficult to find some well-paying jobs. Andrea says – I have managed to earn money by doing various jobs Up to $ 9,000 a month. This allowed me to avoid the savings that were necessary to start my company. This experience has taught me that to build and manage something solid you need to start from the basics and get your hands really dirty. ”

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Return to Italy and the birth of JotUrl and Lhub

In 2016, after his return to Italy, Andrea embarked on his career as a partner and COO at JotUrl, the first startup incubated by Nana Bianca and then an innovative SME with more than 10,000 users providing web traffic management services to companies such as Vodafone, Team, Aruba and Amplifone. .

“When I went to propose Joturl to companies, I realized that people want a hole in the wall more than a drill, and so I, my partner and my friends. Yari Mozolon and Antonio Martelli (In 2017, they were all under 30) which was added to later JJ Linzi, We have It started with LHub, Digital and mar-tech company It takes care of positioning on the internet for companies By creating digital pathways and strategies across channels.

we are here Focuses specifically on small and medium enterprises, Which in Italy numbers about 143,000, because although many of them are economically organized, they are not evenly organized from a digital point of view. Just think about that 40% of small and medium-sized Italian companies do not even have a website and few have e-commerce. Our other high-end clients are startups, in fact we are working, for example, with Winelivery, Foorban and Meeters, ”says Andrea Tommaso Deity.

LHub is based in Gallarate and currently consists of a team of 30 people, 30% of whom are women, with an average age of 30 years. “I am fortunate to have colleagues and partners at a high professional level, as well as human beings, such as Yari Muzzolon who is a great expert in creative communication and mentoring,” comments Andrea.

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Business diversification: they are born Blhack e 900Wine

Thanks to the constant desire to grow and innovate, People born in 2020 Blhack SRL, A subsidiary of Lhub for the technical and development segment, which is managed by the shareholders Emmanuel BarbanSired, CEO and former Chief Technology Officer. Andrew You are also investing in other startups Promising, as in WeAreStarting, the stock crowdfunding portal that picks the best Italian startups and SMEs; In Aryel, he is active in the augmented reality sector and Meeters, one of the largest travel communities in Italy.

His passion for food and beverages led him in 2016 to establish 900 with other partners wineWine Company 2.0 from Charmat sparkling wine. Today it is present in more than 15 countries and sells around 100,000 bottles annually, mainly abroad, through LinkedIn and Facebook social media channels.

The entire group – consisting of all the facts that Andrea founded or co-founded – atLast year grew by + 300% Compared to 2019, with 2020 closing with a turnover of More than 2 million euros Portfolio management from 143 customers.

“If I had to define the group, I’d use the English expression”UnderdogIn the sense that we are Deprived parties but with the humility to grow up and function well, We don’t like to be seen, and we try to keep the eyes on the outside at all times. Example? LHub Agency He doesn’t have a site though he does build sites. Provocative option, on the Internet page there is actually only written “All you need is creativity”. We do our business through word of mouth and communication. Andrea explains: “Our motto works well, makes the customer happy and remains ethical and professional in everything you do.”

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Goals for 2021

The group you want Establishing itself as a point of reference in Italy in the digital sphere and technology Through a group of companies with different specialties but integrated to provide 360-degree service. Moreover, for the New Year, the goal is to create a business model capable of creating a virtuous circle between Lhub’s direct customers and the companies in which they invest in terms of trade and knowledge of people.

The group is constantly growing, and by the end of 2021, it aims to triple its sales volume and internationalize itself in countries with high growth and development potential.

For LHub Agency, the positions are often open and at the moment the company is looking for developers and advertisers.

Finally, in collaboration with Dean Humane Linguistic High School in Gallarate, In September 2021 First degree in Italy from Humanitarian High School with specialization in Social and Digital Marketing, Where Andrea D’Aietti and other LHub professionals will teach students online and digital marketing courses.

Teens often fall victim to social and digital communication, as providing a digital course allows them not only to avoid potential scams and risks, but also to Gain skills that are increasingly indispensable and in demand in the world of work. I am also happy and excited to be back in school, especially as a teacher, considering I have never been a nerd. This suggestion motivates me because I think it is a great opportunity for young people, as the school puts itself next to the children by proposing a path that interferes with their interests and gives them a professional character, ”concludes Andrea.

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