Smoke from Canada, so New York and the United States “suffocate”: “110 million people are at risk”:

Fires raging in Canada and a city New York It finds itself completely covered in a thick blanket of smoke and ash, to the point where the health of people and animals is now in grave danger. Not only the Big Apple is in critical situations, but also many other regions in the northeastern United States of America, to which the cloud coming from the neighboring North American country is reaching.

It’s an alarm in the United States

to New York The smokescreen is so thick that even the sun is obscured. During the day, people moved around the city with masks, not to protect themselves from viruses. The danger is tangible, the air is not breathable. The scenario looks very similar to what happened in a post-apocalyptic movie. Many began to experience the first respiratory problems, with red eyes and a sore throat.

mayor Eric Adams He addressed his citizens, asking them to stay in their homes and avoid travel. “Limit your exposure. This is not a good day to train for a marathon”he said, referring to the runners who are waiting for the World Outdoor Running Day. The Road Runner Association canceled all scheduled events.

Worst air quality since 1960

They scare me Valuable It appeared after analyzing the air. The quality is the worst since the 1960’s, which is worrisome. According to the IQAir Global Quality Index, New York is currently the second most polluted city in the world after New Delhi.

However, the entire northeastern United States is at risk, as the smoke from it is concentrated Canada. Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa are the Canadian cities where the largest number of wildfires are concentrated.

New York smokes

The situation in Canada

In the Quebec The situation appears to be the worst, as thousands of people will have to be evacuated in the next few hours. 11,000 people have already fled their homes, and another 4,000 will have to leave soon. After Alberta and Nova Scotia, Quebec has faced fires “I’ve never seen him before“.

It’s real The dreadful approached Canada has about 3.8 million burned hectares As a result of recording 2203 fires. According to what was announced by the authorities and reported by news agencies, there are currently 414 active fires in Canada, 239 of which are out of control. The United States sent 600 firefighters to help Canada deal with the outbreakemergencyThis was announced by White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre.

actions in the United States

In 13 states on the east coast of the United States, the alert is high, and the most vulnerable are the elderly And children. Schools have suspended all outdoor activities to protect the health of youngsters, while local authorities have called on citizens to stay at home and wear a mask when going out.

As I mentioned CNBCIn New York, the Aki Index reached 342, a level believed to be “dangerousProblems in airports, as there were delays and suspension of flights. Departures stopped at New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

Stop horse carriages that will not be able to move across Central Park in order to protect the animals. Even the New York Zoo decided to close the facility early, to protect visitors and the various specimens in the park.

110 million Americans are in a cloud of smoke

Air quality is rapidly deteriorating. 110 million Americans They found themselves engulfed in a thick blanket of smoke and ash coming from Canada. In New York, the sky is almost invisible. The advice is always the same: stay indoors, and avoid travel.

The state of emergency can last a few days. You have to prepare for the long haulNew York Governor said, Cathy Hochul. The White House asked citizens with health problems to protect themselves from air pollution.

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