Smog, 4 Italian cities among the worst in Europe: all in the Po Valley. Cremona is the black shirt of the country and the second in the continent

between Most polluted cities From Europe, four Italians and a short distance from each other. They are all found in Bo . Valley: The most polluted city in Italy (and the second on the continent) is Cremona, followed by PaviaAnd the Brescia e Vicenza. according toEuropean Environment Agency (Aea) The quality of the air we breathe in these cities “so poor”This is unhealthy. The classification established by the Society refers to the concentration of fine dust in the air between them 2019 and 2020, starting with the maximum indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 10 micrograms 2.5 m powder بودر (with an aerodynamic diameter equal to or less than 2.5 micrometers) per cubic meter of air. Air quality is defined as “alarming” when the concentration of fine dust exceeds 25 micrograms for a prolonged period.

The four Italians share the negative assessment with other European cities, including some located near coal-mining basins. The absolute worst, in fact, is Novi Saxes in Poland (27.31), followed by Cremona (25.86), Slavonsky Brod, in Croatia (25.75) and Vicenza (25.58). But the list also includes other Polish cities, such as Krakow, Piotrkow and Zuri, as well as Italian Brescia and Pavia. Rome go better than MilanWith a concentration of 12.94 compared to 20.13 in the Lombardy capital. Unsurprisingly, the best air quality (fine dust concentration below 5 µg/m3) is that of some cities in Northern Europe, such as Umeå, Sweden, and Tampere, Finland. While in third place there Funchal, in Portugal. With a concentration of 5.8, the best Italian capital is sassari, followed her in a few locations far from Genoa e Livorno.

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The European Agency has also developed a smog map which analyzes urban air quality for 323 European cities, from cleanest to least healthy based on measurements from the past two years. As noted in the accompanying report published on the agency’s website, while air quality has improved significantly in recent years on the one hand, air pollution remains high in many European cities. 471 thousand dead Premature in 41 countries on the continent.

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