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The company founded by Steve Jobs has been and continues to be close to all its users, their needs, and also to all their requests.

Indeed, since his birth, in 1976, A.J CupertinoCalifornia has proven it looks like a company My sympathy. Its history began with computers. The first of those on his own production DoApple i. There are few, very few people who remember it. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge.

Continue production of computers and in 2007 started a series of smart phones who would distinguish date from this sector. And till now, there are many loyal users of these devices. Of course, Apple is not alone computeror better macor iPhone. There is a world of devices and gadgets around them.

apple Work every day to improveexpertise than use him hardware. they users They seem to appreciate this tremendous effort. Even if there are problems, the company Cupertino She is always ready to solve it. This is her actual point power. You have to think, then, that apple He really came up with something rare.

It is something that, needless to say, is specifically about safety. But the latter is not meant to secure data personality or data sensitiveand not much less, security hardware. Instead, it has developed a system that is capable of it to save spirits people as well as their property. No. We don’t talk about it SOS emergency via satellite.

Apple saves your life: From now on, you can rest easy.

There is a new one Careers on iPhone that will be able to save yourselves as well as your possessions: one of all your possessions residence. But how could such a small device do that? Yes. he can. Right enough Mix From hardware and tools and everything will run smoothly. Don’t you believe it? You are doing very badly.

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Apple “Home” app ( –

do you know HomePods, TRUE? It is thanks to those hardware For smart home you can prevent it thanks to the new Careersthe fires It can happen to you residence. like? We’ll explain it to you right away. It’s a lot Simple andAbove all, it is free. All of this will happen thanks to Siri and your iPhone. Open the app house on your iPhone. A popup will appear with the text “New safety and security features“.

All you have to do is activate the voice recognition function for your job HomePods. Obviously, if you have more than one, you can activate it for everyone. In this way, by activating voice recognition, HomePods will detect the fire alarm in the house and send a notification to the iPhone in your possession. This way you can deal with the situation immediately by asking for help and avoid the worst.

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