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never put iPhone On the sandIt is the worst enemy of smartphones. These days, a picture spreads on the back of “iPhone by” some sand doodles, which actually take Cercle. Appears as stated Corriere della Sera, Come back to me Magsafe, A technology that allows you to connect the iPhone to various accessories, such as a wireless charger.

Basically, I magnet From this system, placed behind the phone body, attracts sand grains – which contains iron The ones that stick to the smartphone follow the shape of the magnet.

In this photo he posted reddit resumed from courier, We can clearly see the phenomenon around which strange theories and false news have spread like the so-called “magnetic sands”.

It’s definitely a good idea not to try to do such a thing because sand is the enemy of phones, not just the iPhone. Moreover, not all sand contains iron, sand that certainly has enough of it to be attracted to a magnet is that tends to darkto the black, for a greater presence of iron oxide. In this case, it will be easy to detect the phenomenon.

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