Smart TVs are completely changing: in a very short time, you will be relying only on a smartphone

Goodbye remote control: now the smartphone will be the right alternative –

The remote control, after a seventy-year shift, could retire, and be replaced by something more comfortable and smarter. Hint: don’t go out without it.

Goodbye remote control: now the smartphone will be the right alternative –

A new beginning is about to hit the Smart TV segment, but it won’t be the screen that will change, but another smaller, but so far indispensable object: the remote control. It will not be changed, but will be replaced by our smartphone. One of the most anticipated features on these devices, which is so central to everyday life, is actually about to arrive Also in Italy Thanks google. The news, in fact, does not concern all televisions but only those who have Android TV NS Google TV. This novelty mainly consists of being able to use one Android smartphone as a remote control from the TV. There was already the app that replaced the remote, but it was either a paid version, so the free version was halved, or every time you changed the channel, ads appeared and you had to wait to watch your show. will be fine for Which Android smartphone Which Android TV or Google TV. The phone will be able to use thanks to its breadth schermo . touch, they both love keyboard This is like Touchpad, the convenience is not lost in the sofa cushions. With the phone we can Enter passwords access to broadcast platforms, Enter the text To search for a movie, TV series, or other content without having to work the entire keyboard letter by letter. All this, at the moment, is done via the TV remote control in an inconvenient and cumbersome way. With a smartphone we will also be able to do things that are impossible with a regular remote control: for example copy and paste The name of the movie that a friend sent us in the chat, without having to type it, and much more.

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How to easily turn your smartphone into a remote control

It is not known when this functionality will be available, but it is expected soon, and when it arrives, it will only take a few taps on the screen to turn the smartphone into a smart TV remote control. Just swipe center Quick checks And click on the pencil, this is the icon that allows us to allocate this area. At this point, Android will show us all the available quick controls, among which we will also find the controlremote control icon. clearer than that! We will have to hold down the small remote control and drag it to the quick control area, in the position we prefer and is most comfortable for us. At this point, when we want to use the smartphone to be used as a TV remote control, all we have to do is Touch the remote control icon. Using a smartphone we can:

  • Check playback
  • Turn the TV on and off
  • Navigate to the interface
  • Enter text using the phone keyboard
  • Volume up and down
  • activate google assistant

Smartphone as a remote control: when will this function arrive in Italy

3rd party version for smartphone remote control –

This new feature is already active in the US and will arrive.”In a few weeksAnd in 14 other countries, Italy included. At the moment, however, the date is not known for certain:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • United kingdom
  • Spain
  • Swiss
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So that means goodbye to the remote control?

Great Extension of Usability of Files Any Android smartphone as a remote control Any Android TV It changes everything and opens up another possibility: in the future, televisions could be Sold without remote control. In addition to being environmentally friendly (less batteries to load or produce, less materials to use, less plastic to work with) this solution would be more suitable for another problem: the family. As you know, battles for the remote control are the order of the day. Now with a smartphone, everyone will have their own and will likely argue about the constant change of channels, even if the TV will immediately recognize which “remote” has turned it on.

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