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Today in Milan (t, ore 13) 1:30 pm with the first Milan Cup battery (€8030, 1650m): 1 Angel Cash (G. Prestipino), 2 Tulum (G. De Filippis), 3 Artico Op (San. Mollo), 4 Vamorgea dei Rum (A. Farolfi), 5 Suerte’s Cage (Fed ) . Esposito), 6 Ursus Caf (E. Bellei), 7 Verdon Wf (A. Gocciadoro). Favorites: Verdon Wf, Suerte’s Cage, Ursus Café. 2:00 pm, the time of the second Milan Cup (€8,030, 1650m): 1 Zarrazza Italy (A. Farolfi), 2 Zandroz (San. Mollo), 3 Africa Jet (R. Legati), 4 Voltaire Gifont (M. Stefani), 5 Usain Toll (V). . Gallo), 6 Dumbo (A. Gocciadoro), 7 Vincerò Gar (P. Gubellini). Favorites: I’ll Win Gar, Voltaire Gifont, Usain Toll. 4 pm Milan Cup final (Group 3, €23,980, 1650m): The first four of each heat allowed. TV: UnireSat live.

in the picture I will win Gar with Pietro Gubellini

Today – 16.10 TQQ in Chantilly (Fra, g, 10ª corsa, m. 1600 aw) Favorites: 5-9-10-3-7. Surprises: 8-4-2. Grand Prize: Quinté 9,496.02 euros. The conference starts at 10.55. He also raced in Florence (T, 13.40), Varese (14.15), Trieste (T, 14.25). TV: UnireSat Live Broadcast.

yesterday – TQQ in Vincennes: Tris 9-10-12, €1,366.13 for 22 winners; Quarté 9-10-12-5, €6603.02 for one winner; Quinté 9-10-12-5-3, euros for the winners.

France / 1 – David Satalia immediately scored in hurdles on the second day of the winter meeting in Cagnes sur Mer: he did it in the steeplechase hamper with Vernon Subutex, 4 years of Bathyrhon, this at Troger & Biffi’s third exit (for coach it’s the 20th victory in the year 2021, the 19th in hurdles, and the 15th Troger). In the sprint race in Marseille, victory of Jessica Marcialis (32), obstructing the opera night.

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Yesterday jog for Vincennes: Race D (€33,000, 2700m) 8. Helios de Champs 15.3; Course D (€37,000, €2,100) 4. Zante Breed 13.6, Zanzibar Wise As rp. Yesterday’s hurdles at Cagnes sur Mer: Handicap (€34,000, tower 3,800m) 1. Vernon Subutex (prop. C. Troger 50% / ML Biffi 50%; allen. D. Satalia); Handicap (€40,000, 4,000m hedge) 4. Magnetic. Yesterday’s run in Marseille: Handicap (37,000 euros, 1,500 cu m) 5. Wadat. Today, gallop in Chantilly: handicap (16,000 euros, 1,600 m3) Julina; Handicap (€50,000, 1,600 m3) Whillans Road; Handicap (25,000 euros, 1,600 cu m) Yssingeaux. Today they jogged for Vincennes: Race D (€33,000, m. 2700) Havan de Beausite; Race D (€33,000, m. 2200) Ideal du Pommeau.

France / 2 – Yesterday on the third day of the “Vente d’Elevage” Arqana, these are the Italian purchases: Ajou (Gra. Wooded) for 35,000 euros, a dowry of Farah for 29,000, Ashaaqah (Gra. Zarak) for 19,000, Bayargal (Gra. Waldgeist) for 12,000 and the 3-year Rizwana race for 10,000 (friendly) to Federico Barberini; Asara (Gra. Lawman) for 6,500 to Nunzio Ricignuolo; 4-year Charmed for 3000, 3-year Candide for 1500 and Orejona (Gra. Mr. Owen) for 1500 for Antonino Pandozzi. On the other hand, four foals bred in France by Italians were sold between Sunday and yesterday: the Blue for 32,000 euros (friendly), the Great for 16,000, the Indomitable Army for 10,000 by Guido Berardelli, the flag of the US Navy for 14,000 by Ferdinando Frattini.

Sweden – Today I jogged in Aksivala: Spartarapa (76.700 kronor, 2140 m) Chef Ax; (86800 kroner, m 2140-2160-2180) Zinc Jet.

England – Yesterday’s run at Wolverhampton: Handicap (7.102sec, 1700hr) disqualified from third place due to weight control violations; Handicap (9,562 lst, m. 2400 aw) 2. Tricolor.

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US/1 – Will Ortiz Jr. brings someone else together. On Friday at the 8th of the Aqueduct with winner Grand Casique, he gradually leans toward the fence until pupil Omar Hernandez Moreno of the Ragtime Blues falls. Conclusion: Grand Casique has been removed from the Order of Access and Ortiz on foot for 30 days. The press comments and simple fans on top of the mountain … Over the top by the supreme jockey, already the protagonist of the questionable and punished episodes even outside the ring, was very cruel.

US/2 – Tragic end for Spirit, winner but positive for anti-doping in 2021 Kentucky Derby: Monday morning the 3-year-old from Protonico had a heart attack at the end of a 1,000m run. The track in Santa Anita.

diverse – Facing a concrete snow-weather hypothesis, Mipaaf’s Varisina got to present the race conference scheduled for tomorrow to today (starting at 2.15pm)

Livorno – There is no official communication yet from Mipaaf, but the restoration of the Del Mare Cup and other undisputed races last Saturday due to the futility of the track should take place on Wednesday the 29th. That in Khol’s saddle he will return to the mare at Caprilli after more than ten years of falling in The race that ended his career as a jockey (“I would like to re-enter horse racing perhaps as a weight commissioner or some other errand, where it was possible as other former jockeys have been involved in accidents, but asked for a long time ago without getting anything….”) .

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