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Slow start to Moroccan strawberry season but sizes are bigger

The first Moroccan strawberries of the season arrived in Britain’s Rodanto last weekend. The start of the season was slow, but the quality of the fruit is good, said Eduard Velasco of Rodanto.

“Temperatures in Morocco and Spain have dropped very quickly, slowing down the strawberry production cycle. There is great demand in the UK, Europe and even Dubai.”

Strawberry production Rodanto in Larache, Morocco.

Rodanto has crops both in Spain and Morocco, as well as in the United Kingdom. Production in Morocco increased from 150 tons last year to about 250-300 tons this year.

“This will allow us to complete Moroccan production and not stop when the Spanish season resumes. We are a Spanish company and focus on our local crops, and additional production from Morocco allows us to increase our customer base and volumes in the UK.”

Photo: Artistic Director Faisal Yousfi Madani analyzes crops

“The quality of Moroccan production is improving every year and the transport times to the UK are now only 4 days, which is reflected in the quality on arrival. It is only 36 hours longer than the transport time from Spain. The transport is shorter than Morocco, because we now have enough volume to fill trucks The entirety and we no longer have shipments in Spain. Moreover, there are no fees to pay in Spain, which has a positive impact on costs.”

According to Ed, production and supply entirely in the UK and Europe are changing rapidly. “With higher energy costs, domestic production becomes less profitable in the winter, which will affect production in the UK and the Netherlands. Egypt has to ship fruit to Europe by air, and with higher tariffs, this also becomes impractical. Real change is happening.”

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