Slash mission allows you to choose the new Lord of Storm Castle –

YouTuber and moderator Zullie The Witch has discovered a new one Quest pieces from the Elden ring Which will allow players to choose Next Lord of Castle Stormrage. Before watching the video and continue reading, we warn you about it from now on for obvious reasons spoiler.

As you probably know, the adventure in Storm Castle in the end you will find yourself facing Godrick, the lord of the castle and the basis of all the lands of Tomb, as well as the owner of one of the parts of the ancestral ring.

The discovery of the medium relates to a mission cut by FromSoftware but still present in the game files that could have been activated after Godrick was killed, as Lightless had to choose his successor from among three possible candidates, i.e. Kenneth Height, Neville Lux and JostokeHe gives him a crown.

In particular, a search would have revealed an interesting background about jostockwho was claimed in dialogue to be Godrick’s son, thus partially explaining the grudge against him, urging Lightless to grant him the crown to become the new Lord of Storm Castle.

Unfortunately, the task was not completed, so it is impossible to know whether the choice will have serious consequences or not. Likewise, the reasons why FromSoftware not incorporated this side quest into Elden Ring are not clear and we will probably never know.

Still on the Elden Ring theme, another cut mission would have allowed Lightless to collect the dreams of enemies and NPCs in Interregnum.

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