Skyrim: Bethesda’s final game mode

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim It’s a really big and rich game, but there’s one thing that’s always been missing in Bethesda’s open-world RPG, and that’s it. Hero’s feetwhich they were in the end It is entered through the Ministry of Defense.

across the Edit “Enhanced Camera SE”shared by TwistedModding, Skyrim’s first-person shooter finally gets a necessary element for maximizing identification, or the ability to see your own image. Including the legs and feetwithin the game world.

As shown in the video, when looking down you can now see everything else related to the main character, right down to the limbs.

Not just feet, body and animation too

Obviously, this required a more in-depth reworking than one might superficially think: in addition to a more complex main model equipped with many movable and adjustable elements depending on the equipment chosen, the model also offers New animation This link to the graphics you add.

It not only concerns walking, running and fighting, but also various elements such as crafting, horseback riding and many other game situations in which it is necessary for the protagonist’s body to take different positions and animations than initially expected.

After the mod that introduced photo mode, the long evolution of Skyrim continues through the contributions of its users, who 12 years after its release continue to work on Bethesda’s game making it increasingly complex, including exciting mods created with AI voices.

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