Sky Sport and Fanatics have launched an online store: what they will sell

Fanaticsa global leader in sports merchandising, e.g Sky SportsLeading sports broadcaster Europeannounced a new partnership to launch a new online store dedicated entirely to selling official sports merchandise. The store can be accessed from skysports.he / shop And he runs it FanaticsIt will be available starting today for all sports fans in the world Europe. It’s the first time for sky sports In the world of sports trading and for Fanatics It is the first partnership signed with a European radio station. Inside the online store, fans will have access to a huge selection of official sporting goods from over 900 of the biggest sports organizations, including Serie A, Premier League, Formula 1, MotoGP, NBA, NFL And many other things. In Italy, enthusiasts will also be able to access the store from, a new online offering of sky Which will range from sports to entertainment and which will continue to grow over time, offering an ever-growing range of products, gadgets and experiences.

Words by Carlo Alberto Mariota, Commercial Director of Sky Sports

Carlo Alberto Mariotacommercial director of Sky SportsI confess: “We are La Casa dello Sport in Italy and we are proud to announce this new e-commerce platform created in partnership with Fanaticswhich will enrich our digital ecosystem. sky sports It continues to innovate with the aim of offering an ever better experience and to assert itself as a favorite destination for fans sports “.

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