Sky Italia, the new structure after the change of manager

Sky Italia Definitively preparing for the start of the previously recorded era Andrea Duilionominate The new CEO In a place Maximo Ibarra For nearly two years now. After weeks of revolving doors that led to many changes in the management of satellite television, everything is now ready for a new cycle.

According to today’s edition of Italy todayhas been found full circle in recent weeks with the appointment of management Data and decision supporta new tool created forData analysis in all areas of work which will be supportive of Determine which projects have the greatest customer value Thus increasing the performance of the work assigned to him Paul Nanithe director who led Sky Wifi in 2020 as Chief Broadband CEO.

Sky Italia is thus adapting to its parent company in the UK, where it already has data and resolution support since 2019. A decision that confirms how the will of satellite TV is to transform itself into Media Tech Company. As forbroadband widthon the other hand, will not have its own division of Sky Italia, but will be integrated into the different divisions of the company (sales, marketing, etc.).

It remains unclear how these two changes will affect the fate of Sky Italia. But to understand it, what happens across the Channel can be instructive, with the London Underground flooded with posters showing the colorful explosion of a satellite dish with the phrase «Goodbye dish», translator “Goodbye Tale”. Coming soon to Sky subscription in the UK It will no longer be offered by default on satellite. A path that is not yet clear if it will be followed in Italy.

Duilio arrived at Sky Italia in September 2021 and entered in November Mattia Camagne, who is entrusted with the area called the CEO’s Office, a structure that reports directly to the Managing Director and aims to ensure a single vision for all strategic areas of the company. Last month, the CEO’s office also included the partnership and distribution structures, which manage the negotiations and implementation of agreements with various partners in Italy.

In January 2022, she joined Sky Italia Carola Lawleyappointed general counsel, while in March it was the turn of Barbara CavalieriAfter the departure of two historic directors of the company, Chief Operating Officer Dominic LaBianca and financial director Peter Maranzana. Cavalieri, who also has a long and global career at Vodafone, joins Sky as Executive Vice President, Finance and Operations, a structure that unites the two departments into a new integrated division.

in the end, Josephine Violantwho joined Sky as Managing Director of Sky Media in July 2022, in March this year moved to report directly to the CEO, again afterDeparture of Evelyn Rothblom from Italy to which he referred. Violante, who handles marketing and sales, was at L’Oreal and then at Coty, where she was vice president of portfolio strategy and growth leader for EMEA.

are considered newcomers Sky’s senior management is now predominantly female, with 7 out of 12 female executives Reporting directly to the CEO. The picture is complete with the old managers of Sky Italia: Alfredo BorgiaDirector of Public Policy and Public Affairs, Antonella D’Erico EVP Content Italy, Elia Marianichief consumer officer, Frances Maneli piscinaEvp People, Organization and Facilities Management, Marzio PirelliEVB Sky Sports Gabriella VacaItaly Cto and group manager Enterprise e Sarah VaritoEvp Communications, insert and larger image.

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