Skull & Bones Rated for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, Stadia, and PC, but not for PS4 and Xbox One –

As reported by Twisted Voxel, the Brazil Classification Council rated skull bones For PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, Google Stadia and PC, but Not for PS4 and Xbox One. This may indicate that the game may not be far from the game stores, as well as the older generation versions may not have been cancelled.

Announced at E3 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Skull & Bones has been delayed on more than one occasion, with rumors claiming that development has been restarted multiple times from scratch. In September last year, well-known leaker Tom Henderson shared photos and information about the gameplay of Skull & Bones. At the moment, we know that Ubisoft’s goal is to launch Skull & Bones By March 2023.

In March of this year, Ubisoft also launched the Skull & Bones insider program, allowing a small circle of select players to try it out, in a sign that not only is the game alive and well, but it seems to work as well. advanced stage. At the moment the company

skull bones

The rating of the game in Brazil so it can suggest that Release date is not far Meanwhile, Skull & Bones may not arrive on PS4 and Xbox One, contrary to what Ubisoft initially announced.

Somewhat similar to the case of the Gotham Knights, perhaps the French company came to the conclusion that the production of older generation versions would have prevented them from reaching the hoped-for quality level. But for you to know for sure, all that remains is to wait for the official confirmation from Ubisoft.

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