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Seven years after the introduction of the third generation, the Skoda Fabia has been completely revamped and is doing so by changing the build platform, adopting the MQB-A0 that already serves as the skeleton for other flagship models from the Volkswagen Group such as Polo, The Seat Ibiza e Aruna As wellAudi A1.

Therefore, if at first glance innovations in exterior design seem to be marginal, in fact at the level of dynamic qualities, usable volumes and combined technology, then a new era opens a secondary era for the bohemian home.

Refined rational forms and aerodynamics

In terms of style in the Fabia 2021, you can see the impact of the brand’s latest models, on all Scala And the Kamik. The classic stylistic features of the group are sharpened and new ones are not introduced. The headlights have LED technology (full LED lights are also available) while, on the side, the signature of the C-pillar that rises towards the rear window, already present in the previous generation, is inevitable. On the other hand, the ribs running through the sheet metal are new and know how to give a nice dynamic.

Skoda Fabia 2021

In the rear view you can see the main difference compared to all previous Fabia: now the lights extend over the tailgate, “refract” and thus assume a more horizontal orientation. A solution that designers often apply to give maturity and relevance (it also happened with the restyling of the Polo, as you can see in the article below).

Skoda Fabia 2021
Skoda Fabia 2021

The Fabia upgrade also includes a general increase in size, especially in height that now reaches 4.11 meters (+ 11 cm). The width is 1.78 meters (+ 4.8 cm) and the wheelbase has grown by a good 9.4 cm, to 2.26 meters.

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What the regular and smooth lines bring with it, as well as the general harmony of the volumes, is a high-level aerodynamic efficiency also achieved thanks to a new spoiler, redesigned mirrors, low-resistance alloy wheels and a partially trimmed lower body, but also with active solutions such as front slats with opening tuning And automatic closure of the air outlets. The result is one of the best in its class, an aerodynamic coefficient of 0.28 Cx.

Smart interiors and navigator up to 9.2 inches

Every new Skoda car amazes with the designers’ ability to utilize the interior space and offer many “smart” solutions that simplify life on board. The new Fabia is no exception. Its business card is a box that starts at a minimum of 380 liters (+ 50 liters compared to the previous), which is a standard value for the segment, and it is, in fact, able to worry even the cabins of high-end cars.

Skoda Fabia 2021
Skoda Fabia 2021

To be clear, eternity Golf (About 13cm taller) Starting at 380L. By folding the seat down, you get 1,190 liters. The increased wheelbase also gives the rear passengers more room than before.

Skoda Fabia 2021

The passenger compartment reflects the brand’s typical rationality in setting the controls and dashboard, which contains many new details such as the circular air vents. In the center stands the infotainment system screen, standard 8 “and optionally up to 9.2”, with the most advanced software capable of providing advanced connectivity, wireless compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi module, gesture commands and a voice assistant. Also, depending on the version, a 10.25-inch digital instrument panel is available, while the standard equipment is analog with a 3.5-inch vertical display. 5 USB-C sockets complete the connection equipment.

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Skoda Fabia 2021
Skoda Fabia 2021

Depending on the design, the central decorative strips can be chosen in six different shapes and the ambient lighting in two colors appears for the first time. For the first time, the steering wheel can be heated, as can the windshield, dual-zone automatic climate control and the rear air vents.

Obviously, the entire long series of solutions, as in other Skodas, make the Fabia’s cockpit “smart” that cannot be lost. In addition to the built-in door canopy, for example, or the ice scraper placed inside the fuel flap, Fabia debuts a ticket clip and elastic band in the center console storage unit, a removable cup holder between the front seats, and the container positioning on the transmission tunnel for the rear passengers Flexible box compartment, optional panoramic roof sunscreen.

Ready for the long haul

The new platform increased safety not only thanks to the greater torsional stiffness of the tire, but also because it allowed the installation of more advanced driving assistance systems. Help actually reaches Level 2 with Travel Assist capable of combining Adaptive Cruise Control with an Active Lane Keeper. There’s also the handling assistant, which can brake independently if it recognizes obstructions, or fully automatic parking.

Skoda Fabia 2021
Skoda Fabia 2021

Engines and versions

We come to the range of engines, all of which are € 6d. The 1.0 TSI three-cylinder engine delivers 95 or 110 hp, in which case it can be combined with a 7-speed DSG automatic transmission. Methane 1.0 MPI version is alternatively available with 65 or 80 HP, that’s 5 HP more than before.
Three versions were proposed: ambition, style and, at a later stage, the top of the Monte Carlo collection. Prices have not yet been formalized. As an indication, the previous generation starts at less than 16,000 euros.

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