Skin problems? You may have this disease

Let’s see together what disease we can get if we have this problem on our skin, which we should not underestimate.

as we know Our body is always sending us signals that we should always be ready to pick them up.

It is in this case that the appearance occurs on our skin, and we are trying to understand what it can be associated with.

Skin problems? You may have this disease (Pixabay)

We are often told that the skin and stomach are the first release valve if we have any psychological issues, as well as a buildup of stress.

Skin problems? You may have this problem

But In many people they still do not give much weight to the relationship between our mind and our body.

In this case Today we want to show you one Search Presented by the University of Brest in France.

They were taken Take into account some patients with dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and other skin infections.

Allergy issues are not always discovered, but rather problems that are attributable to something else.

there The main thesis of this research was that the main causes of these outbreaks were related to the psychological state of patients.

The The sample of people taken was very large, and therefore they were selected, 2538 people with dermatitis problems, 2329 people with psoriasis, 1605 people with trabeculae, and 801 with hidradenitis suppurativa, for a total of 7272 patients.

All of them have Try calculating their stress level, taking information from their own lives and assigning a score according to the Dermatology Life Quality Index scale.

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Through all the data, they found a strong correlation between stress levels and skin disease.

About 66.3% of the people who participated in the research had a stress score of 27 or higher, which is very high.

Skin problems?  You may have this disease
Skin problems? You may have this disease (Pixabay)

In cases of dermatitis, bronchitis and psoriasis, there is also an association between youthful age and stress levels, and there appears to be no association except in those with hidradenitis suppurativa.

But perhaps the most surprising fact is that up to 2 out of 3 patients refused psychiatric help, and this still shows how skeptical this link is.

Self You also have these problems at the skin level, obviously talk to your doctor who will show you the best path to take but also think if you are particularly nervous or not and always tell the doctor who will help you.

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