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Winter Sports Program November 28

Hello and welcome to the winter sports live text broadcast today, Sunday, November 28, 2021. Many of the specialties in the program are in a rich and appetizing menu.

We continue our North American Alpine Ski World Cup adventure: The men’s Super G race will be held in Lake Louise (Canada), While give her will participate in it Killington Slalom Race, USA.

A space for biathlon with two races in Östersund. After the mysterious performance of individuals on the four polygons, the Italian team wants to replace itself to give a different meaning to the first stage of this season. At Ruka’s Scandinavian Ski Show with Snowboard Jumping (Chasing), Nordics gather and ski jump. The day will start with figure skating in the Secret Garden with Michela Moioli in action. To follow a bobsled, a bobsled, and a short path. Ariana Fontana At Dordrecht he showed what he’s made of and he’ll want to celebrate the Dutch ice racing program today as well.

OA Sport brings you the live text of winter sports: all results Today is Sunday 28 November 2021. It starts at 07.45 with the first updates. Good fun!

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Hello friends of OA Sport, and welcome to the live broadcast.

SnowboardCROSS Dear friends at OA Sport, It’s time for the first seasonal World Cup race Also snowboarding, this Italian morning the athletes will be competing on the track that will host the Beijing Olympics in a few months time.

SNOWBOARDCROSS – The quarter-final and semi-final rounds have already taken place, and in a few moments it will be the small and grand final, first for women and then for men.

SNOWBOARDCROSS – Our Olympic Champion Michela Mooli qualified without particular problems for the Grand Final and will have the opportunity to start the season immediately with a podium.

SNOWBOARDCROSS These are the athletes at the start of the women’s mini final: Trespeuch, Brockhoff, Critchlow and Gaskill.

SNOWBOARDCROSS – Chloe Trespish triumphs, so the Transalpine secures fifth place in the final.

SNOWBOARDCROSS – Now it’s time for the big final, on the track: Samkova, Moioli, Bankes and Zerkhold!

SNOWBOARDCROSS – Czech dominance Eva Samkova, excellent Michela Muyoli will have to “settle” in third place, and English Charlotte Banks will complete the podium!

Snowboard – starting the season with a podium is always ethical, Moyoli’s direct opponent is Samkova now known, the important thing is to put the table ahead in a few months.

Figure skating – great runner-up for Omar’s husband! As expected, Alessandro Hemmerl was the winner, but Blue was so good at recovering after the start that he found himself in fourth. Third place to Nick Baumgartner.

SNOWBOARDCROSS – Italy started the World Cup season as best they could: a podium, one for the men and one for the women, evidence of the movement that has been at the helm of this discipline for several years now. Muyoli is the reigning Olympic champion, she finished second in the last World Cup and the last World Cup, and this year she aims to repeat the Olympic seal, the important thing is to reach the top in light of that. an appointment.

SNOWBOARDCROSS – As for the other Italians competing today: the men Filippo Ferrari, Matteo Menconi and Lorenzo Somareva were knocked out in the round of 16, with Tommaso Leone stopping instead in the quarter-finals; While the women’s Sofia Bellingeri and Francesca Galina failed to get past the quarter-finals.

SNOWBOARDCROSS – For Michela Mooli, this is the 34th podium of her career, blue continues to climb the rankings of Italians with the most podiums at the World Cup, the goal of the season may be to approach the top five that sees names of great depth But Michela, at 26, with an Olympic gold around her neck and two World Cups, is already one of the most successful Italian sports of all time.

SnowBOARDCROSS – In the next stage, Snowboardcross moves to Europe: from December 9 to 11 you will compete in the magnificent Austrian classic Montafon, and Italy on that occasion will also be ready to fight for important positions.

Slithering – men’s singles race fit for the 2021/202 Ski World Cup on Russian soil, in Sochi, is more and more missing, on the track that hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics. After qualifying for the women’s doubles and singles yesterday, the first race was the start of the heat today at 08.50 Italian time, while the second starts at 10.25 local time with the relay team scheduled at 12.30 Italian time.

SLED – In first heat at 8.53, Lukas Gufler would take to the track in second while Leon Felderer’s #7 bib. #19 for Dominik Fischnaller and 23 for Kevin Fischnaller.

Raqi – let’s start in Sochi! The role of American Jonathan Eric Gustafson came for the first time.

Slip – The American immediately put 52.397 into the first heat in Russia.

Notch – Also debuting for Lukas Gufler with Bib #2: 0.088 delay from the American with a time of 52.485.

Glide – Svante Kohala debuted on the Sochi synthetic track: Swede’s record 52748

SLED – With bib number 4, Canadian Red Watts finished third with 52.738. It remains according to Lucas Guffler.

SLIP – Ukraine’s Andrei Mandzi posted the worst set yet: With the No. 5 bib, he made 1.06.738 after falling off the sled.

Slip – It’s up to Romanian Valentin Crito of Bib #6 who achieves an excellent 52,562 and flies to third in the standings.

Classy – it’s Leon Felder!

Stylish – blue puts 52.972 which leads him to sixth place: With the No. 8 bib, here’s Slovakian Josef Nenes.

Chipping – the Slovakian sets 52812 allowing him to pass Italian Leon Felder.

Slip – the third time for Chris Renee Isler! The Germans fly to 52.492 with a delay of 0.96 from the first.

SLIDING – SKIP TO THE TOP OF THE AMERICAN MAZDER! The American finds the best time to take down Jonathan Eric Gustafson with 52.279.

Sledge – Govler slips 4th in first heat! The Ukrainian plane Anton Dukas flew in second place and stopped the time at 52.290. Therefore, the rating sees Chris Mazdzer as the number one at the moment while his compatriot Jonathan Eric Gustafson comes in third.

SLIDING – BEAT THE TOP OF THE AMERICAN MAZDZER! The American finds the best time to take down Jonathan Eric Gustafson with 52.279.

SLED – Tucker West flew to third! The American puts 52.344 excellent, which is well worth overtaking Jonathan Eric Gustafson.

Slide – Change the master of the summit again! Rex Christens rosettes flew to 52.217 and sits first against American Chris Mazdzer.

The Notch – Jonas Muller soared to 5th place: The Austrian was 52.355 at 0.138 from the top.

Slide – another change to the top of the rankings! Russian Pavel Repilov stopped time at 52.230, 0.013 from first place.

Notch – With Apron #16, Matvei Perestoronin finds the 14th time with 52.871 and matches Jozif Ninis and Leon Felderer.

Classy – what a time Latvian Krister APARJODS! 52.116 and the summit conquered against fellow countryman Rozitis.

The Notch – Moritz Elias Pullman’s twelfth time: Now, with the #19 bib, it’s our turn for Dominic Wechsnaller’s return from sixth in China.

Sledge – Dominic Wechsnaller flies to second with a margin of 52.137! What a debut in Sochi for blue.

Cross-country skiing – The Rocca women’s 10km race has been postponed from 10.15am to 11am in Italy due to the cold. The temperature is -21 degrees, by regulation it can reach a maximum of -20 degrees.

Skating – Latvian performers Darznieks, who set the 19th time with the 20th peb, did not do very well, this is 53.267.

The Notch – Austria’s 20th time Reinhard Egger with a score of 53.798: Now it’s up to Kevin Wechsnaller!

SLEDGE – Austria’s 20th time Reinhard Egger with 53.798: Between the apron it’s up to Kevin Weschner!

Slip – Russia’s Alexander Gorbachevich ranks thirteenth with 52.615! Now space for Kevin Fischnaller.

Notch – Evil Kevin Fischnaller With a Score of 52,823 Who Deserves Eighteenth Place: The Azzurri isn’t doing well except for Dominik Fischnaller who remains in second place.

Shredding – Wolfgang Kindl’s thirteenth time with 52.589 to 0.473 from first place always held by Kristers Aparjods.

Chipping – 17th time for Latvian Gints Berzins at 52.725. Bad too, was Felix Loch, who finished second in China last week: 15th with a score of 52,675.

Slip – Roman Rypelov of Russia finished 21st with a time of 52.813.

Slip – Track conditions have definitely changed, as evidenced by the huge gaps that Loch and Repilov accuse. For Dominik Fischnaller, it was a huge advantage to start with a rather low bib compared to the opponent.

Slippage – German Max Langenhan found time 24 with 52.931 with a delay of 0.815 from the top.

Shredding – no set times in the last rounds: 20th place for Russian Almeni Pavlichenko who found 52,763.

Slithering – even the 2021/22 World Cup first stage winner, Johannes Ludwig is not exciting: 20 times with 52.761.

Shredding – the 2020 record holder stopped at 51.466, Austrian David Glaricher did not repeat this year: 28 times at 53.030.

Chopping – The 2020 record holder stopped at 51.466, Austrian David Gelricher, and has not repeated this year: 28 times at 53.030.

Biathlon – Sola still 3rd on penalty kick off, two fouls for Tandefold, Fitozzi 13th at finish line at 1’51” from header

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